Friday, June 13, 2008

Kaltura is a nice replacement for PhotoStory

Once you embed the Kaltura code on your site (blog, web page, wiki, etc.), you and whomever you choose can work on the video directly from your site. No downloads are required.

Kaltura allows the addition of videos AND photos, multiple soundtracks (one could be a narration and the other a song, like Photo Story), has a storyboard video editing format, and is pretty easy to use. This tool seems to provide a great replacement for Photo Story on XTenda computers (since Microsoft only allows Windows Server 2003 on XTendas and PStory won't work on that OS). In addition, users gain the ability to collaborate (unlike PStory) and to add videos (though I can't get a wmv file format video to play) AND photos as well as a tool that requires no download. Since it's on the web, it can be used on the WebPC (if that link didn't open in FoxIt, you're missing out) or on any computer in the world. Uploads are fast too, and Kaltura converts the file types for the user automatically. Transitions between photos are available and under the control of the users. Nice job Kaltura!

Click here to create your own Kaltura account and video. (Totally free.)


Unknown said...

Worked pretty good--nice find.

It took me a minute to figure out which one to use, there are a lot of "solutions" to sift through.

I tried to share one, but when i did generate code I couldn't get a link,only the object to embed.

Things I noticed--

You definately need your own music, what they have on their site is kinda weird..

the interface to upload your pics was pretty easy, transitions were easy.

different from photo story in that you don't "focus" on an a part of each picture.

the first time i ran it from my site about the first 2 slides where black, but the transition worked.. i refreshed the page and then the first 2 slides were ok. I've noticed this problem a few different times.

overall, looks good, definately a tool that should be added.

Jan said...

what file format did you use for the movie, if not wmv?

Ms. Mayer said...

Jan, I used avi, but I did finally get wmv to work. The first two I uploaded did not play, but the third did. I couldn't see any differences among the files.