Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Web Ate my Weekend

Check out this Web 2.0 tool: Capzles (Personal Example). Great educational potential. Reminds me of VoiceThread but with that cool look of SearchMe (and the Ipod Touch, of course).

Remember to check out CISD's Best of the Web to learn about all the best new websites and tools. LOTS of new sites added this weekend!.

For example, check out these new sites and areas:

Scrapblog: (LOVE this Web 2.0--pure fun, no artistic skill required-Looks GREAT! Makes me feel like I spent the weekend "scrapbooking" but really only took about 10 minutes) Personal Example Simple Private Sharing: Solves that "I don't have enough space for this" problem. Actually easy, very slick, clean interface.

Early Childhood Games and Videos I'd love you to email more Early Childhood sites to me. It's hard to find sites that are easily navigable for early readers.

PicApp - Free photos for use on your websites, blogs, etc.

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