Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Never Kill Another Poster Board Tree: Glogster.com ROCKS

UPDATE: A Real Glog made by a REAL CISD student is embedded below. The features are really amazing.

Glogster allows your students to create free, protected digital posters.

This tool blows my mind! I know, I know, I always say that, but I've looked for a Web 2.0 desktop publishing tool since I knew what Web 2.0 was, and this one ROCKS. It's extremely easy to use, and also very versatile.
Check out this sample (a Glog embedded in a Wiki). Click the play button in the top right. Hover over the Gloster.com link in the top right and View Full Size. WOW!

Thanks Kelly McNamee, The Woodlands High School for this find.

Check out a real Glog below . . . . Right click here to get the full effect and see the video play.


Anonymous said...

This looks really cool. I have kids making posters for a book they are reading and I think I may give this a shot so we can then post it on our blog. Kids like posting their 'stuff' because then they can have their parents/grandparents/cousins see their accomplishments and comment on it for others to see.

Unknown said...

I'm SOOOO excited! I have been inundated with options for how to do projects I've done in the past without technology.

I've done a Myspace style characterization project with my kids in the past, but have been limited to using posterboard instead of some electronic platform.

Webs.com and Glogster provide for me new avenues and options for the same project, except kids are MUCH more interested :) I'm blown away.

Can't WAIT to finish our novel so we can begin our project! I promise to post our results for all to see on MY blog!

Anonymous said...
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