Sunday, March 8, 2009

How much is a trillion?


Unknown said...


Very cool. Thanks for doing this. I passed it along to my staff and embedded it on our district blog. Visuals just make it matter.

Anonymous said...

We should all maximize our competency in technology. However, we will never be "digital natives" but will always remain as "digit immigrants". Our world will continue to be in editorial content for a very long time. It is disappointing to think we should approve that our educational system accepts an 11th grader to not know what a "noun" is. It is critical that we continue to keep our standards at the highest level with writing. Their world of writing and reading does not stop when they walk out that high school or even college door. This does not mean that writing should be the only expression or output of knowledge. Perhaps some technology can be utilized to enhance their ability with writing and reading. I don't think that the intent of technology is to make writing into a "lost art".