Thursday, December 3, 2009

Everything Old is New Again: Photo Editing Online

Hi, have we met? I'm Amy, and I love FREE stuff, especially if it's digital and therefore does not have to be stored in one of my overstuffed built in 1960 closets. Lately I've been noticing an amazing number of online photo editing tools that are quite special, no $ and no skills required.

My first love is With this cool tool, you can make not that great photos look like works of art . . . see?
You'll have to trust me that the original wasn't nearly that great because I'm not publishing it. Period. FotoFlexor also lets you add sparkly text, stickers, and try out hundreds (thousands?, millions?) of different frames and effect combos.

Personally, I have a love for all things vintage that rivals my love of all things free. That is what led me to Rollip respectfully requests mula for high quality images, but frankly my dear, the ones they show me on the screen are just fine. Check out this cool effect . . .
It looks like it could have been taken way back when I was little, but these are my own kids, and this was taken last week. Here's a comparison:

And these are not the only two sites available, of course there a bajillion more. Here are some of the best I know of. If you're using one YOU adore, please comment with the web address. (Check out the Filter section)

For completely free AND high quality effects, try the Poladroid Project. You drag and drop your photo onto the landing pad (that camera below is floating on my desktop), then watch your old time Polaroid develop. That's pretty SWEET! Neat little sound effects AND you get the nifty white edge (with texture). Coolio.
Ohh, it's just too cool. Watch this!

I'm adding an after the fact addition to this list that should NOT be ignored due to the new features they've recently added. Drumroll please . . . it's good old With hundreds of easy to apply effects and a not very obtrusive logo in the corner as the only drawback to the free account, Be Funky is an easy and versatile way to go. Multiple applications of each effect and settings within those. Cool!
BeFunky also provides the Uvatar maker you see on other sites. So far, I can't see a way to get to it independent of another service (ex, Facebook), but the Bebo site looks like the easiest/least obtrusive to access, and if you want to make cool pictures like this, you'll sign up for an account.
Next time there's a not so great photo taken of you or yours (Christmas dinner?), remember these cool, free sites and make yourself look as lovely as you are on the INside.
Merry Christmas Everyone! BE FREE!!!

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StephanieMeans said...

Thanks so much for all the cool picture web sites...

Just an kiddos are doing creative photo editing for family christmas presents.