Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey Amy, What's New?

Do you know the word FREEMIUM? A FREEMIUM service is one that offers a paid version, but for most users, the FREE version is quite enough, thank you very much. This week I learned about some NEW, COOL, FREE sites and services I thought teacher people (and people people) might find useful too. Check them out!
  • Better Paste: Tiny program that automatically strips formatting from text when you press CTRL+V to paste. (Paste all you want into Eduphoria!)
  • Everything: Indexes every file on your hard drive so you can find it in a snap.
  • LogMeIn Express: Secure Screen Sharing with only a tiny program to download. Let's you fix Mrs. Smith's computer without going to her room.
  • Yammer: Create a private "Facebook" for your organization
  • MyBrainshark: Lets you add narration to a presentation through a phone. Upload your slides and start talking!
  • Wolfram Alpha: Use this amazing search tool to look up your name. Just trust me. It's super cool. Bet I can tell how old you are just by searching your name at this amazing site.
  • ShowMeWhatsWrong: Help someone (or get help) remotely using this easy, free, online service.
  • Wordnik: More than just definitions. Includes examples and a really beautiful format.
  • Instapaper: Bookmark all the stuff you want to read later on your phone or wherever. All the formatting will be gone, so you can see your content anywhere. You could even print it out, though we don't recommend it!
  • KeePass: Organizes and protects all your super secret passwords, ATM numbers, etc.
  • OpenDNS: Your school may have a great web filter to keep kids safe, but what about at home? This free service allows users on your home network to be protected as well.
  • Use Frucall on any phone to find out if the price you're looking at is legit.
  • Coupon Sherpa (iPhone app or website): Before making an in-store purchase, search for relevant coupons.

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