Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tools to Remember (Webcam, remote meeting, online communication)

Have a webcam? If you're in education (or technology), you MUST have a webcam. If not, get one, then try these two notable tools that can be used for FREE to communicate with up to 20 people. They are both easy to use (and free up to 20 users):
TokBox: Think of the lead in to "The Brady Bunch," and you'll get TokBox right away.
  • No software to download.
  • Easy to set up even at the last minute.
  • Multiple people can participate (advertised up to 20, works well with up to 6 for most users.)
  • Works on any computer.
  • Similar to ooVoo, SightSpeed, Skype (but FREE).
  • Record messages and send to others as links. (Use their storage space not yours.)
Wikipedia Article.Dimdim: Think GoToMeeting (FREE).

  • Anyone can host or attend FREE.
  • No software to install (host installs some sort of file, but it's minimal).
  • Share your webcam image. This lends itself to some attendees being local and some being remote with everyone feeling like they're "there".
  • Lock your room with a key that people have to know to join.
  • Provide a demo or drawing.
  • Share your screen (or a web page).
  • Share an audio or video file (or any file).
  • Record the meeting for those who can't attend (or just for your records).
  • Up to 20 people can attend for FREE.
Wikipedia Article.

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