Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make and Post a Podcast Online FREE using Aviary Myna and Posterus (No Download Required)

This morning in a training session at Texas ASCD, the group learned how to create a podcast using Audacity (Lame Encoder) and iTunes, both downloads and great programs; however, we're of the mind that we shouldn't have to download software in order to do stuff.  We want to be able to do everything online on any computer with common plugins, thus this tutorial was born.  Here are the steps, then you can see them performed in the Jing (LOVE that thing called Jing!):
How to create a podcast FREE without downloading anything.
1.  Open aviary.com
2.  Record your voice
3.  Go to posterus.com and create an account.  Mine is friedtechnology.posterus.com4.  Verify your email address through posterus
5.  Use your email client to email your posterus, my email to posterus is post@friedtechnology.posterous.com
6.  Attach your mp3 (saved to your computer from Aviary) to the email, and send away to posterus. 

Congrats! You just made and published a podcast for FREE without downloading anything!
It's a Web2.0 World!  Welcome!!