Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Wix is Wonderful

Of all the latest and greatest tools I know about, Wix is the most Wonderful of all, but due to the look and feel of the front page of the site, you might be one of the millions of educators missing the magic. (Okay, okay, I'll try to knock off the alliteration now.)

So Why is Wix so Wonderful (sorry, couldn't resist one more)? Here's why!

Wix is a flash web page builder that lets students, teachers, or anyone at all, build an infinite variety of web sites, pages, or widgets. Here's an example:

Free website - Powered By Wix.com

Wix does NOT require email confirmation. Let's say your students don't have email addresses, but your staff email addresses are jsmith@mydistrict.edu, use this same format for your students even though they cannot actually receive email at that address. HOWEVER, if students lose their password, there will be no way to retrieve it. For younger kids, consider setting up the accounts yourself and writing usernames and passwords on cards.

Since Wix lets you do anything you can imagine and easily, try using technology in unexpected ways. For example, if your students are studying magnets, have them pop in a picture of a magnet then show which items would and would not be attracted by its force, for example:

Free website - Powered By Wix.com

Really the options are endless. Jessica Powell, teacher at Moorhead Junior High, uses Wix to have her students create Facebook/MySpace type profile pages for characters in books. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! Honestly, there are just too many great ideas to list because the options are ENDLESS.

Do you have a teacher web page? Use the embed code from Wix to build something truly spectacular. Here's a recent site I built for a conference at which I'll be presenting. Super fun.

Glogster was good, but Wix is Wonderful. Think of all your great Glogster projects but without freezing and failing to save. YES!

So what's the Wix interface like? Take a brief peek below at what it looks like to start with a BLANK WEBSITE (which I highly recommend), and remember, this only scratches the surface.

And as you know, there's always something extra for those of you with the fortitude to keep reading. IMAGINE THIS: Wix and Google Sites combined. WOW! Think what you could do with a lil' Wix on your Site's home page, a Google Group linked in the sidebar! MMMMMM! That's some great Fried Technology.
What is a Google Site?
How do I use a Google Site for Education?
What is a Google Group? (words)
How do I use a Google Group for Education? (video)

If you're from Wix, and you're STILL reading this post, then pat yourself on the back some more. Right after you get finished doing that though, please add some collaborative elements into your fab tool. We'd like to be able to share sites with each other so that we're not working all alone. Check out what Prezi has done with it's collaborative addition of late if you want an awesome example. Keep Wixing, Wix. We love you.XGHVK6HWBKUQ

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Unknown said...

Wix is a great tool. However, like all other free hosting tools, many bad people misuse it. Based on some of the wix sites that I saw via a Google search, I wouldn't let children of any age (esp those under 13 and must be CIPA compliant) near Wix. Wix needs an educational section (like Weebly) and to give each website owner a subdomain so that good Wix sites can be easily let thru Web filters