Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prediction: Safe, Facebook-like Online Tools Will Make You the Most Popular Teacher Around

(As usual, all tools recommended below are completely FREE!)

Edmodo is like Facebook but features a COMPLETELY closed environment so that students can collaborate with their classmates and teacher online. This is how it works: The teacher creates an account and receives a code, students go to and click "I'm a Student," then put in the code given to them by the teacher, and voilĂ , everyone is together in the environment.

You can also invite parents in, but they can ONLY see things published to them and can never see any student's work or grades but their own. Learn all about that feature here.

See this nifty Cheat Sheet for Edmodo for which I can take no credit. I found it using Twitter, and it came from Lamar CISD near me in Texas via the Texas Computer Education Association conference in Austin last week.

If you want to participate in a group, log in as a student in my class using this code: 1r95dz
More things like Facebook to make you wildly popular with kids: Picture using these for little kids to learn about social networking or for kids of any age creating profiles for historical or literary figures. After all, you never really know Romeo until you decide what his favorite song is.
  • Google Docs "Fake Book" template for which I can also take no credit. The original ppt was recommended to me by my friend Daliene Hendon. I uploaded it to my Google Docs and published it as a template. Thanks a bunch to whoever originally created it. I'd be glad to give you credit if you'll comment back to this post!
  • My Fake Wall, a website that is meant for creating fake Facebook-like walls. See this one for Cinderella.


Maia Dobson said...

This one is so cute because it creates an illusion that my wallpaper is really a facebook page. As a Los Angeles web designer, I think this would sell specially to kids.

andieclark said...

I do some event marketing and I think these tools would also help my site more appealing. Thank you for teaching me how to do this.