Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is Web 3.0?: The Internet FRIED

First, here are Some Expert's Takes on Web 3.0:

No one knows for sure yet, but Eric Schmidt (Google Inc) says . . .


Web 3.0 applications will be pieced together, small, fast, customizable, with data in the cloud, applications will run on any device, and are distributed virally (social networks, email).

(Eh, doesn't mean much to the rest of us . . . keep reading.)

Semantic Technology Supported by STI International Thinks They Know . . .


As the Internet grows faster and faster, it moves to mobile devices and intelligent devices (refrigerators for example). Current Internet data is unstructured and cannot be linked/found/accessed. Now, we have millions of webs; the future web is ONE web. The new Internet will be normalized so that all electronic devices can access appropriate information. User generated content will continue to be a driving force. Semantic technologies (real language) will support the transition. Everything, everywhere, always; the future Internet will be mobile, ubiquitous, and pervasive. Redundant information will no longer be necessary.

The new Internet will be: Reliable, secure, scalable, interoperable, consistent, pervasive, efficient, coherent.

(Still lots of high verbiage . . . keep reading.)

Evolution Web 1.0, Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 Tells Us . . .


Amazon example: Here’s what other people who liked what you like purchased
Pandora/Last.fm: If you like these songs, then you will probably also like these songs, but we’ll learn from your answers if you don’t.

You change the Internet as you use it; it customizes to you each time you interact with it.

The web will become more present but less visible, no need for a big separate computer, but the web will be invisibly present in your refrigerator, washing machine, car, etc. all of which will communicate with each other to meet your individual needs.

The Fried Take On Web 3.0:

Here's an example: you take milk out of the refrigerator, and your fridge knows the milk is missing. If you put it back, no need to order more, but if it’s out for two hours, the device may order more milk and have it delivered. However, if you are on vacation, and this event is on your calendar, all your devices will know this and could go into low power mode and of course, not order the milk you would need if you were home, but instead get it just in time for your return.

OnStar is already providing services like this through user’s vehicles. My coworker Hilda Flores's car recently told her to shop for lower auto insurance because she doesn’t drive very much. After all, they know EXACTLY how much she does or does not drive. They also send her updates every month with her tire pressure, etc.

Another thing that I think will happen is that the web will customize to you. Facebook is a good example of a site being completely customized for you. Imagine what FB would be like if you had to read through all the content there to find your friends. NO FUN. Instead, you constantly change what information YOU want to see and the information you REALLY want to see comes right to you as a text message or notification. The future Internet will be your Internet.

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