Friday, May 27, 2011

What Do Instructional Technology People Do, Anyway?

In light of impending budget cuts, administrators are asking themselves, "What do my Instructional Technology People Do, Anyway? Do I really NEED them?" and because they often don't know, and perhaps some of them don't ask us, critical positions are eliminated, leaving those instructional folks to wonder in turn, "Who's going to DO all the stuff I DO now?" A few of my colleagues and I have worked on a list of some of what we "DO." Feel free to add to the list here. My hope is that this list will help some Instructional Technology person out there, say, "Hey, THIS is what I do!" And maybe someone will even think, "Man, we need many MORE people who can DO what these folks DO." If this list ends up helping you, please email me or comment on this post.

If you would like to see a generic job description for an Instructional Technology Coordinator, take a look here. If you would like to send me your job description, please do. I'd be glad to link to it. Here a few examples I found by Google-ing.

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