Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mind the Gap: A Message for Generation X Teachers of Millennial Students

As I did the research for a recent presentation, I noticed that employers everywhere are writing and thinking about the generation gap and how that is affecting employees and productivity. It’s another way to look at our changing demographics as our employees, err, students get stranger and stranger to us. Hopefully my research can help you go, "Oh."

Find out how Millennial you are here

Gen Xers


Born 1965-1980Born 1980-2000

Other name: MTV GenerationOther names: Gen-Y- Gen Next

Shaped by: dot com boom, end of the Cold War, the AIDS epidemic, the War on Drugs, Challenger explosion, job uncertainty, latchkey kidsThe “Babies on Board”, raised in the most child-centric time in history, everybody wins

Perceptions: Savvy entrepreneurs who are self-reliantPerceptions: Confident, connected, open to change (Pew Foundation)


Accept diversityCelebrate diversity

Distrust LeadershipLeaders irrelevant

Distrust InstitutionsInstitutions irrelevant

Reject RulesRewrite Rules

AmbitiousQuality of life more important than money

Use technology and multitaskTechnology is a part of life; multitask faster


Expect to be left alone to work at school
Expect structure and teams at school

Want the teacher to leave them aloneWant a relationship with the teacher

Email (and Facebook and Twitter)
Facebook/Twitter (or other “activity streams”)

Want work to be part of a higher purpose

Not religious


Zero tolerance for delays

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Unknown said...

LOVED the quiz! I may be a Gen Xer, but I scored a 94. Interesting to share with my teachers...