Sunday, June 19, 2011

QR Code Mania Hits Education

If you're not sure what a QR Code is, check out this helpful YouTube Video, then I hope you’ll view this very short video showing how to make QR codes and a couple of things to do with them related to education.
QR Codes are everywhere I look lately; and every educator I meet wants to talk about them and their educational applications. Here are some great ideas developed by a Conroe ISD team of teachers and administrators:
  1. Open House: Gets parents to forms they need to fill out by making QR code links to Google forms. Also, use QR codes to share teacher contact information. When parents scan, they capture the teacher’s data, web address, etc. and have it in their phone’s history.
  2. Direct students to anchor activities or to differentiated assignments based on code. QR codes let us keep assignments private. Teachers can color code QR codes so that students do not know what other students’ assignments are.
  3. Make paper (or other) materials interactive using QR Codes. Example: tape/glue QR codes in books, on posters, etc. with links to get more content/videos, etc. Example: Studying Benjamin Franklin, scan this QR code for a video link. Can this code to participate in a poll about this topic (link to a Poll Everywhere that can be accessed on a mobile device).
Here is a link to an editable Google Doc with all our best links and greatest ideas about how to use QR codes in education. Please feel free to add to the document if you feel so inclined.

I used QR codes pretty extensively in this Prezi for a writer’s institute workshop recently. I think I’m g
oing to embed them in each presentation I do. People seem to really love the interactivity this sort of thing provides.

Sources you shouldn’t miss:
Cool Cat Teacher’s Guide to QR Codes
Google Presentation: 40 Interesting Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom

A few good QR Code Creators:

How can students read them? We can collect "old" iPhones, ask for iPod Touches with Cameras at, ask parents to buy students smart phones for educational use. Beg. Borrow. Don't steal though. That's still wrong :-) But at least if it's in the name of getting your kids a good education, the jury will probably go easy on you. You can also read QR codes with a webcam using this software. Remember: We humans are social animals and we work and learn better in groups, so there's no need to have one device per student. Don't believe me? Listen to this TED Talk and see how powerful learning in groups can be even without a teacher!

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