Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Desktop QR Code Reader: Classroom Magic

eyeCamD/Desktop QR Code Reader
Thanks to Paul Lindsay for this design

What a lovely combination!  This “Bootleg Elmo” document camera made from a webcam and a few simple parts combined with this desktop computer QR Code scanner called QReader make something like magic. In addition to the other one hundred things you can do with a webcam on a flexible arm (like Skype, record your lessons and put them on YouTube for Teachers or Vimeo, record your kids presentations, broadcast your classroom on UStream, show science experiments really big, show books really big, show ANYTHING really big) now you can also scan QR Codes.  Here’s a nifty presentation I didn’t make showing “43 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom.” And a nifty Google Doc I did create but can’t take credit for; after all, it’s editable by ANYONE. If you find great resources, please share them here. Here's a shoutout to Engaging Educators for sharing that link and posting great ideas. Thanks!
That's me with a piece of PAPER I'm scanning.
Strange, right?

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