Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Six Unusual Off-Label Uses for Power Point

I no longer use Power Point to make presentations, and I haven’t for years; however, I still use Power Point fairly frequently and I enjoy having it on my work computer. In the videos linked below, you’ll see some of the most important techniques involved in using Power Point “off-label.” Thanks Alicia Swedberg for teaching me most of them! Use this link to download all the Power Points you see used in this blog entry. If you use Power Point off label, I’d love to hear how in the comments. Drum roll please: Six Better Ways to Use PowerPoint to Create (that have nothing to do with presentations).

1. Create text + picture graphics: video that shows you how

2. Create flyers: video that shows you how

3. Create mosaics, collages: use the techniques from the video above

4. Create matching identically sized headers/labels for Moodle (or any LMS) course (or other project).

5. Create shiny buttons for websites, blogs, emails, etc.: video that shows you how

6. Create custom icons: video that shows you how

P.S. for presentations, which I create frequently, I use Google Presentations and Prezi. If you're just signing up for Prezi, make sure to get a free, extended educator account!

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