Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FriedFlyer, Bad Flyer: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Flyer

Flyers are still an important part of our repertoire of communication tools at the Region 6 Education Service Center. As teachers and admins wander our halls, we hope some of our work catches their attention and causes them to return. We also like to save them as pictures and try to catch potential clients' attention when we email them. 

Here are some hints and tips from the world of the good, the bad, and the ugly flyer . . . at least as I see it. I'm thinking of publishing some Power Point 2007/10 templates for some good flyers. If you like that idea and could use such a thing, post a reply to this to remind me to get busy on it!


Unknown said...

Love this! Truly interesting study of what is good and what is bad. Way back when I was in college and taking advertising/art courses, I thought, "I'll never use this stuff, why am I wasting the credits and stress over this course?"...Little did I know the rest of my life, I'd be advertising for myself.

Advertising isn't just a specialized skill used by companies with big budgets anymore, it's a vital part of communication in a social media society. We've talked at length about the digital natives and their reading habits (skip text and jump straight to pictures/taglines) and the same principals apply to the way we communicate any of our ideas today.

Unknown said...


I used to work for CISD, so when I saw your picture, I thought you looked familiar! I always thought highly of your mad tech skills, so I'm glad to find you again.

Question - Since you're a Google specialist, maybe you can answer this one for me. Google Presentations are no longer showing up in IE. I use Chrome myself, but I embed lots of slideshows for my students and most of our school computers are using IE. Have you found a fix for this? I've scoured the Internet & don't see anything yet.

Amy Mayer said...

@Jess: Thanks so much! I agree wholeheartedly.

@ Pamela: Thanks! Great to "see" you again! IE is not a "modern browser" and Google Apps only work on modern browsers. Hopefully your district will allow you to download Google Chrome.

Unknown said...

Amy, I realize that it's not a modern browser. I love Chrome myself. My issue is that many people who use my research guides use IE - my students and teachers. I can't very well make them all switch. (Although, secretly, I would love too!)
Surely, Google must understand this. Because it's making people have to use another product since their product isn't viewable by everyone.
If your teachers are embedding Google docs & presentations, then they are having this same issue. Unless all of CISD is now using Chrome?

Amy Mayer said...

Hey Pam! I bet you guys are also using IE8, which is really old. Microsoft has IE9 out, but you have to have Windows 7 to run it as far as I know. Google Apps can be used in Firefox or Chrome, but I do not think they will ever support IE. Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

We actually do use IE9 and Windows 7 Enterprise. We're an independent school, which allows us to move quickly with upgrades as soon as they arrive.

By the way my Google embeds don't always show up in Firefox either - it's really spotty.

I'm just going to move to Powerpoints & Slideshare, unfortunately.

Thanks for your input. :)

Anonymous said...

@Pam Out of curiosity, why can't you guys also use Chrome?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

We can. Anyone who wants to download Chrome can. But I can't make people do it. My issue is if a student has IE on his own computer and wants to view my slideshows, he won't see them. Even if I switched the laptops we have in the library to Chrome, students still bring their own devices and use whatever they want.
What I don't want to do is have a disclaimer on my site, "Viewable in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, but not IE." But I have that now, until I switch everything over. I think that's "clunky" Here's the page in question:
:( But in my research, I see that I'm not the only one with this issue. People are having issues with Google Map embeds too.
And this makes webmasters reconsider using Google Docs.

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Unknown said...

Would LOVE some templates for great flyers! Please post! : )

Unknown said...

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