Friday, April 6, 2012

Fried Resumes: Because Everything is Better Fried

It's that time of year again when education people everywhere exchange jobs and fill holes left by retirees. Thankfully, in my part of the world, there seems to be an abundance of jobs in comparison to last year when we had all just undergone the biggest cuts to public education in Texas history. Yee haw! So how to use your awesome technology skills to promote your awesome teaching, technology, or administrator skills (or whatever else you do you non-education types)? Here are some ideas I hope will help:

1. Create a "Prezume" using Prezi like the sample at left. (If you're an educator with a school email address, you can get a free account that will let you share your Prezume with only those whom you desire to see it.) Here's a nice article with ideas on how to get the job done. Here is a video on my YouTube channel detailing the steps, and here's a Prezume template you can use.
2. Create a landing page like this one. There are hundreds of tools available, but my favorites are . . .
  • OR, if you want complete control over your landing page, try, which now has some spiffy html 5 templates that will even show up on your future employer's iPad. My Wix landing page is nothing extraordinary, but I get lots of ideas for posts (like this one) via the contact form embedded there.
While you're building up your digital self, don't forget to take a look at your Facebook (and other social network) posts and pictures. You have a right to post and say anything you want, but that employer also has a right not to choose you for his/her coveted position.

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