Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Google Apps for Education's Video Component

Google Video is a good solution for in-district tightly controlled video sharing. One hundred people at a time can be added to upload video, and video can be shared with everyone within the domain, or groups of people within the domain, much like sharing for Google Docs (though more restricted). Video may not be published outside the domain using this service.  For that purpose, signing up for YouTube for Schools would be a good idea. Here's some information about it. To see a school making great use of their YouTube Channel, check out Manor New Tech High School's channel. WOW!

As far as the size limit (stated as 10 GB) on the Google Video account, I have had the pleasure of working with Google's Senior Education Evangelist, Jaime Casap, many times. Jaime says frequently, "If your school can hit that limit, call me. I want to see that." According to Jaime, no school has ever hit that limit.

Here's why: The 10 GB is not counting the size of each video you upload the same way you do on the hard drive of your machine. A single video on your hard drive could easily be 10 GB, but Google is counting an optimized size that is impossible to determine as far as I know. However, some huge universities use Google Video, for example, Arizona State University, and they have not hit this limit. I will step out there and say that I would be utterly shocked if you guys could hit the limit and even more shocked if Google didn't give you more space if you did.

Most likely you're reading this because your district's budget for the expensive video server you want to have to were going to buy has gone away, but the good news is, there are free solutions that may be even better.

Here's a little video that will show you how this all looks in real life:

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