Monday, October 15, 2012

Are you Fried? Then Turn OFF the Lights! Guest Post by Brent Catlett

Are you Fried?  Then Turn OFF the Lights!  
Name: Brent Catlett - Husband & Father of 3 Awesome Kids!
From: Bellevue, Nebraska Gmail: Twitter: @catlett1
Current School/Employment: Bellevue Public Schools Grade Level: K-12 Instructional Tech Trainer
Personal Site: & Professional Site:

I have always enjoyed going to the Movie Theater to catch a couple of hours of some mindless entertainment in the dark with my pop and popcorn! (Note from Amy, by “pop,” Brent means “coke.” I know. It’s confusing.) I could go to the Movies every weekend if the wife would let me.

It also so happens that I love YouTube!!  Maybe I am a sucker for a good movie or video, but I seriously LOVE YouTube!  Movies and video can alter how we think.  They can change our mood.  They can motivate us to want to be better.  They can inspire us!  They can enhance our classroom lessons!  We can learn from them.  And considering my love for movies, I’m excited to tell you about a gem that you can find in the Chrome Web Store.

Recently, I attended the Google Certified Teacher Academy and @remedy1978 showed us this awesome Google Chrome Extension called “Turn OFF the Lights”!

Turn OFF the Lights is a fantastic little extension that will take YouTube videos and darken the entire screen around the video and leave your video lit up!  The focus will solely be on your video you want to show the kids in your classroom!  No distractions!  

I love the feature of having a blue light behind it like you see in this screenshot!  It really makes it POP!!  You can choose from four other background colors in the settings:  red, yellow, green, and a different blue.

To get it, simply go to Google Chrome and head to the Chrome Web Store to download the extension.  It is FREE!!  Of course, it can only be used in the browser Google Chrome because this is a Chrome extension.  
Watch this quick tutorial put together by the #tt4t YouTube Channel Team on how to get “Turn off the lights” on your computer now!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW.


Unknown said...

Great Post Cat!! Love this utility almost as much as you do!!

Yakshita said...

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