Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chromebooks are Student Computers, Only Fried

I'm excited about the Chromebook implementation our instructional technology team has been working on lately. Check out our Chromebook resources, built with LOTS of help from our friends (and people we don't even know). Special thanks to the Leyden team and Molly Schroeder (Follow Molly) who created the presentation we have embedded in our site. Look for our Chromebook site to grow, change, and become more organized over time. If you find a great resource, please send it my way! (Contact form top right.)

Here are our notes from today where we highlight several processes and apps about which we got super excited.  <---notice how I did not end with a preposition, even though it was really HARD.  There's a nice Flubaroo how to in there too thanks to Jessica Powell (@iTechJess).

One of the most exciting things to me is the opportunity Google Drive Apps, like Aviary, offer us. Do you know about these things? You can upload non-Google file types to your Google Drive, then open them with these special apps. Check out this picture being edited in Aviary. Cool!
Fried Daughter, Sylvie Mayer, @sylvieliciouss (and her little dog too)

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