Thursday, October 18, 2012

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks: It's like the Internet Only Fried


Anonymous said...

I love this, Amy and I will be sharing it! It prompted me to finally get going with Aviary. I'm trying to use a few issues. What do you use to get your photos in to Drive? It will be SO helpful having photos in my Google account! Thanks!

Alicia S. said...

I watched the whole thing just to hear your voice and be inspired of course! Miss you!

MathDifferently said...

I've been whining since school started 2+months ago that I learned all this cool stuff over the summer about google docs/drive etc. and I couldn't get to them at school. The word from the IT dept was that our OS/hardware (can't remember which) was too old and that's why we could no longer get to it. Folks on twitter (maybe you included) told me that if I could install Chrome, I should be good. But of course, I wasn't able to do that on my own.

The emails have been flying recently about this and I've kept myself in the middle of it. And last night, it paid off. The IT elves installed Chrome for me. It's SO fast on my old dog of a work computer. I'm so happy!

So thanks for your timely tips.

On my own computer, I usually use different browsers to keep various parts of my life separate but active. I'll give the multiple user and pinning tabs options a go.

Amy Mayer said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the comments!
@Ann: SO glad you liked it! You can drag and drop whole folders of photos into Drive now, but easiest way to put them online is to download Picasa and let them upload to G+. Unlimited space and they can be private. It's amazing.

@Alicia: I miss you SO MUCH! Let me know when you want to hang out. Would love to see you!

@MathDifferently: I am so glad to hear that! It really does revive an old computer, right? You should blog about that and let me post it!!!

dabambic said...

Thanks for the tips Amy. I thought that Aviary was gone for good! Now I know that I can open image files right from my Google drive with the app. Fabulous.

MathDifferently said...

I'll gather info on my school system tomorrow and get back to you.