Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#GTANY Team Bacon's Notes

Check out our notes as we build them today at the Google Teacher Academy New York. Go Team Bacon!


Anonymous said...

Great Stuff Amy! Find out all you can about the You Tube Stuff.

Mrs. Yollis said...

Thank you, Team Bacon, for such great notes. I will be reading and rereading! :-)

Wonderful to meet everyone!

Thanks, Amy, for making the notes accessible for all!


Unknown said...

Amy, it was wonderful meeting you at GTANY. While it's been a month, I'm still 'digesting' all the information. Thanks for sharing your very helpful notes. Hope our paths cross again in the future, Renee

Amy Mayer said...

Renee: Great to hear from you! Funny, I JUST went back and read the notes too. I missed . . . almost everything! So glad #TEAMBACON was hard at work while I was doing I don't know what! Hope to see you at ISTE!