Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Resolution for This Week: Here's to Change!

Recently I Tweeted this:
It really made me think . . . . I'm supposed to be the changer, but what have I changed lately? I AM often the person sitting on the sidelines waiting for you to change and be like me. (:-) Well, to be fair, I did change, I just did it last year or last month or whatever, but that doesn't count, and I get it. So my resolution is to, at least this week, publish SOMETHING on my blog every day. This is a big deal for me. By the time I get home I am super duper tired with very little [read zero] energy to blog. That's for weekends! However, twice this week my wise PLN has announced that daily blogging is good for the blog and good for the blogger, so here goes. If you want to save my hide, be more like @lindayollis or @catlett1 and help me out by guest posting. Find out more right up there at the top of the blog. Thanks y'all. Here's to CHANGE! Cheers!

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