Thursday, November 15, 2012

Analog Twitter Project Templates (Printables)

The term "Analog" means pre-digital. For example, the wristwatch that has dials and gears is an analog watch. Analog Twitter is non-digital Twitter. This kind of activity is usually used with students too young to participate in the "real thing," without adequate access to technology, or by students learning how to Tweet.
To do the Analog Twitter Project, print out the Mr. Stickman's example Tweet here (seen above) and use it to teach your students about the Tweet, then print out the templates for Tweets here and have students get busy composing some Tweets.  Create a space in your room (or even better, outside your classroom in the hallway) for the Analog Twitter Feed wall. You can use this sign to advertise the space. Hang your student's Tweets on the Analog Twitter Feed Wall. After many Tweets have been posted, give students a few Favorite and Retweet Stickers to use, then have them go into the hall and read through the Tweets. After they've read everyone's work, Tweeters should use their stickers to show their approval of their favorite Tweets. The most favorited and Retweeted Tweets should be moved to the Trending section.
This activity can be used to teach digital citizenship, writing, and even technology skills. Wouldn't students be ready for the real thing after a few Twitter sessions with this analog tool?  What else can it teach? I know there's more! Please comment on this post and let me know.

All of the templates for this activity can be found in this Google Drive folder.

I didn't invent the Analog Twitter Project, I just made some templates for you to use in your classroom. I hope you enjoy them and send me pictures if you decide to use the templates!

Some Twitter "Rules" To Teach: What should be added? Please comment below and let me know!
Update: Right after I posted, I heard from my Twitter friend, Dan McDowell, @danmcdowell, who teaches high school and has done some HILARIOUS and educational Twitter projects with his history students. You really have got to check them out!

Historical Tweets Presentation

Historic Tweets about Europe in the 1400-1600s Doc


Anonymous said...

Hey pal, when I previewed your blank template, it appeared that the info falls under margin/middle cut and would not be included properly when printed out. Might need to check.

Amy Mayer said...

Jess, Which template are you referring to? Can you send me the file name? I will fix it :-)

Anonymous said...

I figured it out! I was looking at the .pptx version thru Google Docs and it distorted it when I was previewing it. Once I downloaded it as a .pptx file, it looked great.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love this lesson. I think it is a cool way to teach kids how to tweet. I really like posting them in the hall. Hopefully I can get one of my teachers to try this.
Thanks Amy!