Thursday, December 20, 2012

15 Things to Know About Your New Chromebook

I think every Chromebook should come with this page. Print it out and put it in the box this Christmas! And if you see something we left out, please comment on this post and let us know.

15 Things to Know about Your New Chromebook

1. There are a few things you can do with your Chromebook offline, but you will like your Chromebook best when it is on a wireless network.

2. You can log in with any Gmail address and password, including your work account if your company or school uses Google.

3. Any apps or themes you install in your Chrome browser on your computer will appear on your Chromebook automatically.

4. You do not have to just use Apps from the App Store; almost any website will work on a Chromebook. For example,,, etc.

5. Go through the tutorial to learn about right clicking and scrolling by using two fingers, pushing down instead of just tapping, and using ALT+Search to turn caps lock on and off.

6. Microsoft Office (and other traditional software) lives on your desktop computer; on a Chromebook, we use Google Docs.

7. You can save pictures or other files right to your cloud-based Google Drive, a USB drive, or the small hard drive on the Chromebook itself, but the Google Drive is best.

8. Startup and shutdown take only a few seconds.

9. Closing the lid puts your Chromebook to sleep but does not turn it off. Hold down the power key until the screen goes completely black or click the shutdown button in the bottom right hand corner to completely turn off your Chromebook.

10. The battery will last about 8 hours.

11. Multiple users can use the Chromebook simply by logging off and back on; no data will be lost.

12. Apps are listed at the bottom and can be accessed by clicking the grid icon.

13. You can use any USB mouse with your Chromebook.

14. Using Google Hangouts and the built-in camera on the Chromebook, you can video chat for free with up to 14 people (or 9 people if you use your personal Gmail account).

15. Install Webcam Toy to take cool pictures with the built in camera


Lindsay said...

Hi Amy,
Just saw your youtube video on Why Chromebooks for Eduaction. Can you give me moer info on creating an Apps page?
Thank you.
Lindsay Ballance

Sultan khan said...
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theonlybuster said...

My only disagreement is battery life. It will vary from Chromebook to Chromebook. For example the Acer has a battery life of 3.5hrs with normal use, where as the Samsung Chromebook can reach up to about 8hrs with normal use.

Aside from that, yes it's new, but it's simple, elegant, and many features simply make sense when you're using the device.

MLC22 said...

I have an Acer chromebook and it last about 8 hours... i have been off and on with mine for about 4 hours and i still have 6 hours left