Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best Wireless Headphones EVER for under $60

I love these headphones so much that it would be wrong of me not to tell you about them. I'm not recommending them for work so much as for pleasure, though I love them in all settings. They connect to my phone via Bluetooth--no wires-- and work flawlessly with my iPhone 4s and Galaxy Note 2 (though I must admit I've never been able to get them to hold a connection to my MacBook Pro, that doesn't matter much for me) . I use them to hear something besides what's going on in my house all the time and they allow me to remain calm and composed when something loud and annoying is happening that would normally stress me out. I also wear them in the bathtub, though I'm sure this isn't safe, so don't try this at home. I'm an expert :-). And I wear them in the store so I don't have to talk to anyone unless I feel like it (think #introvertgift). After a few hours my ears start to hurt, but so far, I have never found a pair of headphones that stay on where this is not the case, and these are more comfortable than most.

I am a sound freak. I carry these speakers with me almost everywhere I do presentations because no one else's are ever good enough, and to me, these headphones sound just as great as the speakers. If you normally spend $500 on headphones, I can see how you would probably have higher expectations. I, however, do not, and for around $60, I am not sure unless I did a side-by-side I could tell the difference anyway. If you strongly disagree with me and would like to send me a truly great pair of headphones, please go right ahead!

I don't normally endorse products, and at this time, I do not make one dime off this blog, and I am sure Creative doesn't need my help, so don't feel compelled to buy these things unless you are just looking for a great set of bluetooth headphones.

I love them so much I'm thinking about buying another set so I never have to wait for these to charge, and also, what if they stop making them?!? Hmmmm. Anyone have the next step up with the micrpohone? If so, let me know how you like them.

Oh, one final thing, they use a mini-usb charger which is the same as my Galaxy Note 2 and old trusty Kindle. Handy!


Unknown said...

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Soundlover said...

Excellent collection. Wireless headphones are a boon to modern day generation.