Monday, December 3, 2012

Fry Up Easy Graphic Organizers and Infographics with Lucidchart: Guest Post by Lucidchart's Eliza Wright

Guest Blogger: Eliza Wright, reach Eliza @lucidchart on Twitter

Wish you had access to a free online tool that allowed you to quickly fry up graphic organizers for the whole class?  

Give Lucidchart a try.  As a popular diagramming web application, Lucidchart offers a modern solution to the age-old challenge of visual learning.  Teachers can manage a team account that allows them to collaborate with their students' work in real-time classroom setting.  We realize that graphic organizers are a time-honored tool for visual engagement, so we added graphic organizer templates to our educational templates section.  Now you can make great-looking graphic organizers in a snap.

When you use Lucidchart to create graphic organizers--or any other type of diagram--you get fresh content, a plethora of publishing options, and customization out the wazoo.

Plus, we’re completely free for educators and students. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, keep reading.

How to sign up for a free educational account:

Sign up here for a professional trial account, preferably using an educational email address.  Once you do that, click here to apply for your free educational account.  Then we’ll approve you and you can start diagramming upon login.

One caveat: You will only have access to our educational templates once you’ve signed up for a trial account and your educational upgrade has been approved.   

How to fry up your first graphic organizer:

1) Sign into your educational account
2) On the right side, under “My Documents”, click “Create”, then click “New Document”
3) From there, you have the option of starting from scratch or from a pre-existing template
4) To start from scratch, click the “Blank Flowcharts” button
5) To start from a template, click any of the categories on the right side. The educational category is titled “Educational”
5) Click on that category and select your preferred template to start diagramming.

In any document, you can tweak shapes, text, line direction, and even the size of your canvas.  Another fun feature for students is our design functionality. Drastically alter the look of your diagram by playing with colors, borders, gradient, drop shadows, fonts, and more.

Give us a shout out!

Remember, all of these features are offered at no cost. We believe that supporting education is the right thing to do. We do want to spread the word about this great resource, so if you use Lucidchart and love it,  mention or review us (on a school district site, classroom blog, resource list, etc.) and link to our website.  If you need support or more information related to your Lucidchart review, please email Brad at and we’ll be happy to help.  

(Note from @friEdTechnology: As you know, I never ever ever publish anything from vendors, but I just really like Lucidchart and appreciate they are giving educators and students this AMAZING tool for free. If you are a vendor offering a completely FREE, fully functional education account and you want to publish on, check out the "Guest Post" guidelines linked at the top of this blog.)

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