Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good, FREE Fonts Make Everything Better

If you're jonesing for some lovely new fonts for the new year, check out these handy sites and download to your heart's content.

Font Squirrel: 100% free handpicked fonts OK for commercial use. Uh-MAZ-ing!
A quick look at the NEW fonts at will convince you this is a great place to check out Da Fonts.
Cute, cute, CUTE free fonts on an adorable site . . . count me in, Thrift and Thistle.
Don't miss The League of Moveable Type, advertised as "only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts" on a lovely site with GREAT previews. There is a "bad" word on the front page, but for this site, I can just look away.
And in case you've been living in a cave, Google Docs now has tons of BEAUTIFUL fonts. One MS Word addicted teacher recently asked me how she could get all those fonts in Word. What a great question! No need . . . just use Google Docs instead!

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