Monday, May 6, 2013

Smarter Gmail Lesson 6: Filters (and Filters + Canned Responses)

Learn how to use Gmail 3-5 minutes at a time in this series. The sixth installment includes using Gmail filters and how to use filters + canned responses (billed as "email for the TRULY lazy"). Hope you enjoy it!


dabambic said...

Thanks for this series Amy. I am learning so much. How many gmail accounts can we have? I have one account that is a hybrid of personal and school, then another separate one (made with my school email address) for the school YouTube channel. You seem to have several accounts. Do they all need different email addresses?

Amy Mayer said...

Hey Daryl! I have several, but two that I use daily. I have one associated with my home phone number (Google Voice) that I never log into, but "use" from time to time. I have a work one that I use every single day, and I have my personal account, which I also use every single day. Each one of those has a different email address. Oh, and I also have a personal "gmail" account. My work and "personal" are associated with Google Apps domains. Hope that helps!