Thursday, January 9, 2014

What you Post Online Becomes your Digital Tattoo

The original idea “a digital history is more than a footprint” came from Adina Sullivan (@adinasullivan) whose session Matthew Lahey (@m_lahey)attended at ISTE 2013. For our local digital citizenship campaign, we’ll be sharing these images as appropriate and discussing the digital legacy each of us creates daily as we post online.

Images: Purchased from Bigstock (highly recommend! We buy the 5 images a day license)

Ideas: Adina Sullivan, Matthew Lahey, Amy Mayer

Further notes:

“420 #4LIFE” Created with PicMonkey

“Forever Wasted,” “Only Babies Love Dora,” and “Dying of Bieber Fever” created with various purchased offline software

Download Images/Files:

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Unknown said...

I love this Amy. Thanks for sharing ideas.