Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Smarter Chrome: Session 1 Bookmarks and Tabs (Video)

If you're just switching over to the Chrome Browser or getting started with Google Apps for Education, this series is for you. Become a Chrome expert in no time starting with the first video in what will soon be a series. Hope you enjoy it!


E. Rodriguez said...

Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!!
Any plans to do a series of these for Chromebooks?

Unknown said...

Hi! I love your video and information. I was wondering if you prefer to use bookmarks (like for Twitter) or a Google Chrome extension for Twitter. Are they interchangeable? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi there. I have been a teacher for YEARS, and ONLY TODAY downloaded Google Chrome. THANK YOU for the video!! I have learned SUCH A LOT!! Cannot WAIT for your next video!!
Hannes Lourens, Pretoria, South Africa

Amy Mayer said...

Hi guys! Thanks for the comments!

@E. Rodriguez: I set myself a reminder to see if screencasting on the Chromebook is up to this, if it is, I'm up for it!

@Ms. Schuster I use Bufferapp to post to Twitter from Chrome, it's an extension. Love it.

@Hannes Lourens I'm so glad you got Chrome! I'm publishing part 2 this afternoon. Hope you tune in :-)

E. Rodriguez said...

Just wondering...could it be done with Snagit for Chrome app, for the video?
Thanks again for doing this! I'm telling others!! :-)