Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Minute Tip: Create and Share a Folder in Google Drive (and an Advanced Feature you Might have Missed)

If you're sharing multiple files with the same group via Google Drive, how about sharing one folder then adding anything ELSE you want to share to that folder? I know, great idea, RIGHT?!? Learn how to . . .

1. Create a folder
2. Create a file within the folder
3. Move an existing file into a folder


Click HERE to view the tip. Scroll down if you already know how to do this and want an ADVANCED tip instead . . .

ADVANCED tip . . . ADD a file to a Folder

Sometimes it's handy to have files in more than one folder. You never want to make multiple copies of a file because then you'll have to remember to update multiple files. Instead, ADD the file to a second (or third or fourth folder) instead of MOVING the file. Here's how:

1. Click once on the file you want to add to select/highlight it.
2. Hold down SHIFT then press Z on your keyboard. This will reveal the "Add File" dialog.
3. Select the folder you want to add the file to.

Inline image 1

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