Sunday, May 29, 2016 has just Changed the Game for Saving Google Apps Data

By Guest Blogger Carlos from Grad Gopher

(P.S. This is NOT a paid post! I asked Carlos to write this for us because Grad Gopher is going to save you TIME and make sure you get all your DATA. It really is AMAZING.)

Our new, game-changing software was built out of the frustration of teachers and students looking to save their information with no easy solution. copies your Google Drive (Shared & Owned files), Gmail emails (with attachments), Contacts, and Calendar events to another Google account of your choosing and it only takes a minute to set up!

Unlike Google Takeout,
  • GradGopher copies all the files shared with you! 
  • GradGopher saves you a ton of time! 
“GradGopher literally saved me about 40-50 hours worth of manual labor. I can't say enough about this. It is really everything you hoped for and more.” - Colin Davitt
  • GradGopher puts all your stuff in folders just like it was in your school account, all your organization is saved! 
  • GradGopher works really fast! 
Forwarding emails can take more than a month to get all emails. Do you have that amount of time before your account is deleted?
  • GradGopher makes sure you can continue to access your files on your phone or wherever!
Within a minute of setup, GradGopher will begin copying for you. Once the copy begins, you have complete freedom; you can close your browser, shutdown your computer, or even go in and out of the accounts if you want!

People are telling us that GradGopher is like magic, but actually it’s just thoughtfully designed software to help you move forward in your life without any hassles! :)

Here’s our “How it Works” video if you want to see it in action! 

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