Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Connect your School Facebook Page to your School Twitter Feed

If your school or organization has joined the 21st Century (which, BTW is 10% OVER) and is ready to Tweet and Facebook those school plays, sporting events, or even emergency updates, it's important that your organizational pages be separate from your personal pages, able to be updated by several folks, and easy to keep current. Taking into consideration all those needs, I recommend that your organization set up . . .
1. A Facebook Page for your district, school, or organization.
Then allow several reliable, Facebook savvy people to update said page. (See "How to add admins to my page" at the "How to" link above.)

2. A Twitter feed, ESPECIALLY if Facebook is blocked within your district's network.

Next, I'd encourage you to tie the two accounts together, again, ESPECIALLY if Facebook is blocked inside your organization's network as it is in mine. If Twitter is unblocked, you can post to both accounts through Twitter even if you can't see the Facebook account. OR, you can update from any phone (even a "dumb" phone). Either way, keeping both sources updated for your viewers will be a snap.

On a computer where you can access both accounts, navigate to your Facebook page. From your personal page, click "Account," then select "Manage Pages" from the drop down list, then select your Facebook page:
Open up a new tab or window and log into your organization's Twitter account. (This is important because you want to be able to tie your organization's page to your organization's Twitter without affecting your personal Facebook or Twitter.)

Next, return to your Facebook tab and search for "Twitter" in the search box at the top. Choose the real Twitter API (it should be the first one in the list):
Examine the next box closely before you click anything. Look for this element circled in red:
It's important to check out that account name so that you make sure you are tying your organization's Twitter to your organization's Facebook page and not your personal Twitter. Once you're sure that's the case, click "Allow."

Finally, select your App permissions. Check only your organization's Twitter name at the bottom of the screen.
Now, test it out. Go to your Twitter account, post an update, then check your org's Facebook page. Yea! You just Tweeted and Facebooked simultaneously. Go you!

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