Monday, April 30, 2012

Freshly Fried: Introduction to Google Drive

Google's much hyped Drive was finally released last week. Find out how it looks, how it works, how enabling it will change your account, how it can save your district expensive storage space, and what the potential implications for students are.

YouTube blocked? Want a clearer view? See this video on instead using this link.


Unknown said...

Do your students also use google drive? I'm wondering since ours log on and each have their own space on the server, if they can install their google drive folder in that space? Just wondering how it works when several people use the same device. Do you have any experience with that?

Amy Mayer said...

Great questions. In my organization we are going to see if we can use it without the install since that could lead to complexities we do not want to support. You can easily upload whatever you want to be in your drive to the network side of it without installing it. This will just be a work practice we teach. To use it on a shared computer you would need to have a separate account for each user. This doesn't seem practical with shared classroom computers. Hope that helps! If anyone else has experience, please feel free to chime in.