Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An Amazing Student A-Ha! Moment: Sometimes You Have to Do Something BEFORE You Understand It

This afternoon, a group of adults, admins and teachers, and I met with a group of 5 students to work together to plan our Day of Code event. One of the young men told a story that I feel compelled to share. It really rocked my world. I'll paraphrase for you . . .
"I watched a ten minute YouTube tutorial about how to code in HTML; before that, I knew nothing about it. Then, I opened up Notepad and followed the instructions to type in some code in the way I learned from the video. After that, I opened up the text file I made with Safari, and that's when I understood what coding was. Sometimes, you just have to do something before you understand it."
And that my friends, rocked my world.

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