Saturday, October 24, 2015

Teachers: Get Ready to "Market" Content to Gen Z Students

Teachers all know that if you want a topic of study to really be successful, you've to got to SELL IT. I think at least part of my success as a teacher came from my ability to make students see they were learning things that were sort of secret and special. I know one of my former principals told me I was a "cult leader." I believe what he meant to say was "excellent at marketing content." Right?

So this graphic shared indirectly with my by my colleague David Gresham really spoke to me. If I were working with Gen Z, I would get some new tricks up my sleeve using this material. (For example, what would Romeo have Snap-chatted to Juliet? What was her first Instagram post? And the caption? Hashtags?)

Thanks to Marketo for licensing this fascinating graphic with Creative Commons attribution so that I can freely share it with you. 

Generation Z Marketings Next Big Audience
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